Let Elromco’s Brand New Moveboard 2.0 Put You Ahead of the Competition

The release of Elromco’s brand new Moveboard 2.0 – the most intuitive moving software in the industry – is finally upon us. Here are brand new features that will set you high above the competition, just in time for the busiest moving season.



Mass Emails and Texts


With Moveboard 2.0 you can now send mass emails and/or texts – no need to use other software or sites! Keeping this process streamlined and all within one CRM saves you a significant amount of time. Either manually select which clients you would like to email/text or select all clients on your dashboard, then type up your message or choose a template and send it away. No third parties, no exports, no trouble.


Move Across Canada and the US


Expand your reach by accepting moves to, from, and within Canada. Our brand new moving software now has the ability to complete moves between Canada and the US, effectively broadening your range and growing your company. Canadian zip codes work just like those in the United States and Moveboard 2.0 will adjust and calculate accordingly, with ease.


Online Quote


Displaying quote pricing immediately to your clients builds trust, leads to quicker bookings, and increases productivity among your sales team. Our software has a plethora of backend settings that allow you to calculate an estimate of your quote pricing based on the client’s move size, date, and distance. Customers want to compare quotes quickly and easily, but you will be able to show them pricing right away. Nothing will put you above your competition like this industry-leading, innovative tool.


Online Booking


Booking moves has never been easier as a client. Moveboard 2.0 allows clients of your choosing to be able to book through their account page – no matter where they are in the world. Customize your order for service based on service type to ensure you and your clients are on the same page. Then they simply sign electronically, pay a deposit (if required) and book right online. Once that process is complete, they will be reserved on your schedule as a confirmed move. Simple as that.




Moveboard 2.0’s e-signature feature will help you eliminate third-party sites completely. The booking process could not possibly be easier. Your clients can sign their order for service, deposit, and any other form your company requires a signature for on their mobile device or a computer. Once they submit their signature it can be viewed immediately in your CRM. These signatures are stamped with the date and time so you can keep track of your client’s activity. No more paperwork to file and no more worrying about third-party integrations, e-signatures can be found in one place with all of your moving company’s needs.


Coming Soon…


Our team is working hard on countless additional features for Moveboard 2.0 – this is just the beginning! Dispatching, electronic bill of lading, invoicing, and branches can be expected very soon!


To see all that Elromco’s brand new Moveboard 2.0 has to offer, book a demo today.