5 New Moveboard 2.0 Features You Don’t Want to Miss

5 New Moveboard 2.0 Features You Don’t Want to Miss

The release of Elromco’s brand new Moveboard 2.0 – the most intuitive moving software in the industry – is finally upon us. Here are 5 brand-new features you can expect to find in Moveboard 2.0:


1. Mass Emailing


Select as many clients as you want, be as specific as you need, and send out mass marketing or informational emails with a single click.


No more using third-party programs to send mass emails to your moving customers – now it can all be done in one place. Moveboard 2.0 makes this significant task quick and easy.


2. Two-Way SMS


Text your clients directly and receive messages within the Moveboard. In addition to automated text templates that you can create, you can also text specific customers directly.


3. Mobile Friendly CRM and Customer Account Page


We know that life in 2022 means being on the go. You need constant reliable access to your CRM to manage your business from anywhere in the world.


Not only that, but your clients are doing most of their business on mobile devices too! Moveboard 2.0 includes completely mobile-friendly interfaces for you, your users, and your clients. Ease of use is 100% improved, giving your productivity a huge boost.


4. Direct Emailing


In addition to email templates and countless email automation, you can now email back and forth with clients within your CRM. No need to jump in and out of your Moveboard to find email chains and draft new emails – it is all streamlined within your new and improved software.


5. Moving To and From Canada (In Addition to the US)


Now you can accept, manage, and complete moves to, from, and within Canada in addition to the United States. Canadian zip codes and addresses can be entered into orders and calculated like standard US moves.


The electronic bill of lading, mobile app, tracking movers, and many other features are on their way as we continue working on the Enterprise Plan.


If you have any questions or want to get a demo of Moveboard 2.0’s Professional Plan, please don’t hesitate to book a demo with our sales team.